<EP>Alcoholic Speculation. 7" EP. Zabriskie Point, POINT 5.    Sarin Will Kill Every Bad Aum!!! 7" EP. Dirter Promotion, 7DPROMS 34.

<CD/CDR>Feedback of N.M.S. Alchemy Records, ARCD-022.  Fabrication. Alchemy Records, ARCD-039.                 Quietus. Alchemy Records, ARCD-059.                   No Progress. Alchemy Records, ARCD-070.                 Ministry of Foolishness. Pure.                         As Loud As Possible. Zabriskie Point, POINT 13.              Operorue. Kubitsuri Tapes, SEX59-009CD, 1995.             Asset without Liability. Bulb, BLB-045, 1996.               New Movements in CMPD. Alchemy Records, ARCD-092, 1996.    Default Standard. Alchemy Records, ARCD-110, 1999.         Unauthorized Fatal Operation 990130. CD-R. It's an OR, 1999.

<Tapes>                                  Eternal Paralysis. Audiocassette. Pariah Tapes, PT-1.            Peony Crackers. Audiocassette. Pariah Tapes, PT-2.           Project Pallo '85. 3-audiocassette set. Pariah Tapes, PT-3/4/5.     Extreme Gospel Nights. Audiocassette. Vanilla Records, Vanilla-29, 1993.                                      Stupid Is Stupid. 2-audiocassette set.                     Sound For Consciousness Rape, S.F.C.R. 027, 1993.           Ad Nauseam. 3-audiocassette set. Banned Production, .          D.D.D.D. (Destroy Devastating and Disgusting Derivatives). Audiocassette. Old Europa Cafe, OEC 069.                  The Tongue. Audiocassette. Chocolate Monk, CHOC. 0000061.     El Shanbara Therminosis. Audiocassette. G.R.O.S.S., GRS 109, 1995. Cosmic Incapacitants. Audiocassette. Betley Welcome Careful Drivers, CRASH-014. I, Residuum. Audiocassette. Less Than Zero, LTZ027, 1997.                                Extreme Gospel Nights 2. Videocassette. Vanilla Records.       Stocks & Bonds. Split with TADM. Self Abuse Records